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Why Pro-Life Advocacy Is A Good Option For Developing Countries?

A good number of countries have an abortion law that can help women find the option whether or not they should be keeping the child. This can be a bit tricky considering the fact that a lot of people will experience negative side effects along the way. What could be the problem with abortion?

For one, if you will look at the possibility of dying when you have an abortion, there is always that risk that you can develop complications and even death. There are instances wherein it is better to simply let the pregnancy continue rather than go for an invasive procedure. Next, you have to account the fact that having an abortion can be an emotionally challenging situation for a woman. This can lead to depression.

In some occasions, it isn’t just the woman who is prone to having depression. Men can also suffer from depression especially if the decision wasn’t thoroughly discussed between the couple. There are men who want to keep the child. And in these scenarios, this could develop a rift between the couple and could even lead to divorce.

Why is pro-life advocacy important for a developing country? If you will look at the reason why people don’t want to keep their children, it is due to the cost of raising a child. What governments don’t realize is the fact that people eventually grow. Children should be viewed not as a liability for the country but rather as an investment that can help the country solve its problems. As rule of thumb, the more people that a country has, the more manpower that it has that can help in building the economy.

If you will take a closer look at a country such as Japan, you will realize that manpower is becoming a concern for them considering that they have an aging population. This means that pro-life advocacies can be fit for those countries.

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