Does Pro-Life Advocacy Have Benefits to the Economy?

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One of the most common questions that people ask is the economic benefits of being a pro-life advocate. The good news is that it can be possible. What you have to understand is that though you can save some money when you don’t have children, it can be harmful to the country in the long run especially when they are having a problem with their population. This is a common scenario in Japan.

In addition to this, if you will look at the numbers, there are governments that are spending billions not only on hospitals but also for paying health practitioners to focus on abortion. Instead of providing education and healthcare to children in order to ease the burden on parents, some governments opt to have this option. If you will look at the short-term benefits, it is true that they can save a good amount money along the way. However, in the long run, its benefits can be a bit of a problem. Could you imagine a country with no other young individuals to replace those who are about to retire? That is something that abortion advocates failed to look into.

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